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Brave Boy Instructions

Brave Boy is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the up and down arrow keys to move forward and backward. The left and right arrow keys are used to rotate your bike. The Z key is used to shoot and the X key is used to boost.

Brave Boy Walkthrough

Brave Boy is a bike game that follows a day in the life of the titular Brave Boy. This bicycle game features cartoon graphics, simple controls, and numerous upgrades to help you on your way!

The objective of Brave Boy is to make it to the end of the stage to save a young girl from bullies. In terms of gameplay, this is a typical bike game on its surface. Ride your bike up and down hills while avoiding obstacles to travel to the end of the stage. Taking a closer look, however, reveals that there are also elements from the distance game genre in Brave Boy. Your energy is limited, and pedaling your bike up hills depletes it. When your energy is depleted, your journey will end.

Luckily, Brave Boy is not a quitter. He may have to rest for a while, but he can get back to it after purchasing some upgrades! I advise you to purchase better wheels and a better frame as soon as you can since they will increase your speed and reduce the amount of power that you use respectively. Upgraded frames and spoilers are also helpful in this bike game since they increase your rate of acceleration. Weapons and stamina can wait for later. It should be noted that purchasing stamina does not increase your power bar; instead, it unlocks your booster. Money is earned based on the distance that you travel and any tricks that you perform, so if you need more money, try to do some somersaults!

Brave Boy uses a keyboard control scheme often used in similar bike games. The up and down arrow keys are used to move forward and backward, while the left and right arrow keys rotate your bike. I advise you not to hold down the up arrow key, since doing so wastes power. Only pedal when you need more speed to get up hills, then release the key and coast downhill to conserve your energy. Using your boost (by holding the X key) or shooting enemies and obstacles out of the way (by pressing the Z key) will also help you to conserve energy once you have purchased these upgrades.

Brave Boy is not the most challenging bike game, but it will probably take most gamers a few hours to complete. Luckily, your progress is automatically saved, so you can complete the game piecemeal. Save the girl (but maybe not the world) in Brave Boy!