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BMX Ramp Instructions

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Perform a side flip or jump turn using the down arrow key. Perform a back flip using the left arrow key. Perform a front flip using the right arrow key. Perform a superman flip using 'a'. Rotate the handle bars using 's'. Perform a batman flip using 'd'.

BMX Ramp Walkthrough

BMX Ramp is an excellent and addictive BMX game that challenges you to perform as many stunts as you can in the time allowed with more points being awarded for more difficult stunts. With two modes of play to choose from, this game offers something for every fan of BMX games from the newcomer to the seasoned pro. In order to do well in this game, you're going to need decent BMX skills but even if you can't get a high score, you'll still have a lot of fun playing. This game just isn't about the score at the end but the entertainment you get along the way.

While the stunts you can perform in BMX Ramp are a bit limited when compared with some of the other BMX games online, trying to land them so you're awarded the points for them is actually pretty difficult. This is a game that rewards skill and experience, so obviously those who have been playing this type of game longer are going to have an advantage. Experienced players should start out with 'Compete' mode. In Compete, you're only given sixty seconds to rack up as many points as you can. Getting a high score will demand that you pack a lot of stunts into those sixty seconds; the higher the difficulty level the better. If you can get enough height when you come off the ramp, you can often squeeze more than one trick in but you'll have to time it right. Once you're back on your way down, it's time to stop doing stunts and focus on the landing.

Newcomers are going to have a hard time with BMX Ramp from the very start. Newcomers should start out with 'Free' mode and work their way up to compete. The real difference between this game and most of the other bike games online is that it is only one ramp. There is no long, involved track you need to conquer riding over various obstacles while trying to do tricks at the same time, so this is really a great game for newcomers to start with. It allows you to get used to the controls you'll be using with most other bike games while also teaching you about timing and planning stunts. Free mode is the perfect way to take advantage of this training. There is no time limit to worry about. Instead, you can just focus on honing those skills. Start by trying to master the side flip. This allows you to change directions and build up speed. More speed means more height off the ramps. More height off the ramps means more room to perform stunts and more stunts means a better score. Once you've got the basics down, test yourself in 'Compete'. If you're not performing as well as you'd like, go back to Free and practice some more.

Overall, BMX Ramp is an excellent game for any fan of BMX games because it really offers something for every skill level. Beginners can use free mode to build their skills for compete mode or even for the more difficult bike games online. More experienced players are going to love the simplicity of this game. It's just you, your bike and a ramp - it can't get much more basic than that. The high score goal is really what makes this game so addictive. The best part is that with a little practice and patience, anyone has a shot at getting their name on the high score list.