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BMX Park Instructions

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key. Jump using 'space'. Perform a back flip using 'a'. Perform a superman using 's'. Perform a tailwhip using 'd'.

BMX Park Walkthrough

BMX Park isn't your typical BMX game. Instead of putting you on one side of the screen and challenging you to ride over obstacles and perform tricks as you try to get to the other side of the screen, this one gives you the whole screen to play on. With plenty of ramps to jump off and rails to grind on, there is more than enough in this game to keep your attention. The tricks are fairly basic - the superman, the back flip and the tailwhip - but actually pulling them off is anything but simple. You're going to need to have decent BMX game skills if you want to get a high score in this one, but that doesn't mean newcomers or less skilled players won't be able to enjoy it. This is a game anyone can enjoy regardless of skill or experience level. You might not be able to get a high score, but you'll have a blast trying.

The goal of BMX Park is to get as many points as you can before time runs out. Considering you only have ninety seconds, you'll need to get those points as quickly as possible. That isn't always easy. While you're only really able to perform three tricks, those tricks can be hard to pull off if you aren't careful. You need to make sure you get enough height on a jump before you attempt a trick or you run the risk of crashing when you try to land. You won't lose points for crashing and you don't have a limited number of bikes or lives to worry about like you would in other BMX games, but crashing will cost you time. That can be almost as bad depending on how many times you crash. More crashes means more time lost and with such a limited amount of time, wasting time waiting to recover from a crash can definitely hurt your overall score. Grinding rails can also be a good way to rack up extra points, but it can be hard to get up onto them and even harder to stay on them without falling. If you're a newcomer to BMX games, it might be best to stick to the tricks until you're a little more comfortable with the controls and keeping your bike balanced.

What really makes BMX Park so challenging is actually a pretty minor difference between this games and most of the other bike games online. Instead of the standard side view of your bike, this game is played with an overhead view of your bike and the track. That can definitely make things more difficult; especially for bike game fans who are used to the typical side view. In reality, it isn't a huge difference once you adjust to it, but in the beginning, it can make the game a lot more challenging and far more difficult to get used to. The challenge is a big part of the fun though so take a little time to get used to it and you'll have a blast.

Overall, BMX Park is a unique and entertaining BMX game that will challenge you to put your biking skills to the test. Perform tricks and grind rails to get the highest score you can, but always remember to be careful. Make sure you have the room to land a trick before you try it so you don't waste time on a careless crash. Experienced players are going to love this game because it isn't like most of the other bike games online while newcomers to the genre are going to love the challenge it offers. This is a game any fan of bike games needs to try regardless of skill or experience level. Whether your looking for a new game addiction or a fun way to kill a little time, this is definitely a game you need to try.