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BMX Master Instructions

Use up arrow key to move forward. Use down arrow key to move backward. Use left arrow key to pull back on your bike. Use right arrow key to sit forward on your bike. Press 'space' to turn your bike in the opposite direction. Use number keys from 1 to 8 to perform tricks.

BMX Master Walkthrough

BMX Master is an entertaining BMX bike game that challenges you to get as many points as you can either in 'championship' mode or 'time challenge' mode. Regardless of which mode you choose, you're sure to have fun. The graphics in this game are great and the ramps are challenging but not impossible to navigate. In championship mode, beginners may find it had to get the necessary 500 points to advance, but will have a blast trying. The game can be a bit frustrating at times, but isn't that what the real fun of these games in? Getting frustrated, swearing you quit and then playing until you win? Exactly! A game that doesn't get you frustrated at least once is too easy to be any fun.

BMX Master gives you quite a few different options in the way of tricks you can perform. Back flips are performed by simply pulling the bike back while you're in the air. Front flips are the same except you'll push forward. Be careful not to attempt back flips or front flips unless you have enough room or you'll crash. Get a lot of speed going up a ramp and you should have more than enough room to do a front or back flip if you start to execute it at the height of your jump. Following your successful flip you can attempt another if you have enough space. If not, focus on balancing your bike so it will land successfully.

In addition to front and back flips, you can perform no handers (1), 360 bar spins (2), tabletops (3), 360 spins (4), double candy bars (5), tailwhips (6), superman (7) and superman seat grabs (8). These tricks can help you build your score much faster, especially if you perform them in a combo or perform them with a front or back flip. Many of these tricks don't need as much room to perform as the flips and they give far more points. The no hander is likely the easier to land and the superman seat grab is the hardest although the tailwhip can also be a bit difficult to land if you don't give yourself enough room. To get the most points you can, get a lot of air off a ramp and perform a no hander on your way up to the height of your jump, a flip at the height of your jump and, if you got enough air, another trick on the way down.

The graphics in BMX Master aren't the best graphics you'll find in a BMX bike game, but they're definitely not the worst. You'll stay entertained throughout the game and will improve the more you practice. In time you'll be able to tell exactly how much height you need to get off a ramp to perform tricks and will be able to tell whether or not you have enough room left for additional tricks. This is definitely a game worth playing.