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Rating: 4.35/5 stars (1928 ratings)

BMX Extreme Instructions

Move forward using the up arrow key. Change directions by performing a jump using the down arrow key. Perform a back flip using the left arrow key. Perform a Superman flip using 'z'. Perform a Batman flip using 'c'. Rotate the wheel using 'x'.

BMX Extreme Walkthrough

BMX Extreme is an entertaining and addictive BMX game that will challenge you to perform as many tricks as you can in the time allowed to attempt to get a high score. The controls are easy to learn, the graphics are basic but entertaining but above all else, the game is a lot of fun. Probably the biggest benefit of this bike game is its simplicity. There are no upgrades to buy. There are no badges to earn or achievements to unlock. The bike you start the game with is the best bike you're going to get. This allows you to focus on what's important - doing tricks and getting points - without all the distractions you would encounter with most of the other BMX games online. Great for newcomers to the genre or more experienced bike game players, this one offers something for everyone and will keep you playing game after game.

BMX Extreme offers two modes of play to choose from; 'Compete' and 'Free'. In Compete you have a time limit. Once your time runs out, your game will be over. In Free, there is no time limit. You can play as long as you want to earn as many points as you can. For more experienced BMX game players, 'Compete' is going to be the way to go while those with less experience with these types of BMX games are going to want to stick to Free; at least in the beginning. Free mode gives you a chance to get used to the way the game is played and will allow you to get used to successfully performing tricks without the pressure of a time limit. It's a great way to practice while still striving toward a high score, but more experienced players might find it a bit too easy.

The best way to do well in BMX Extreme is to learn how to time your tricks. As with any of the other bike games online that follow this type of premise, in order to get points for performing a trick, you need to successfully land the jump. You don't crash in this game which is one advantage this one has over many of the other BMX games online, but if you fall off your bike when you land a trick, you won't get the points for the trick. The way to be sure you land a trick and stay on your bike isn't to focus on the landing, but rather focus on where you are when you start the trick. Even though you might get enough air off a ramp to perform a trick you still might not have enough time to land it successfully. Start to perform the trick just as you reach the height of your jump. This gives you time to assess where you'll land and determine whether or not you'll have enough time. There is no option to balance your bike in this game, so you have to rely entirely on timing. It might take a little while to pick up, but have patience and pay attention and you should do fine.

Overall, BMX Extreme is a great BMX game that offers something for any fan of bike games. It is challenging and the high score aspect of the game makes it much more addictive. Newcomers can start out with this game in Free mode to get the hang of the controls and then move on to 'Compete' to try to get a high score there. In this game, nothing beats experience. The more you play the better you get. Pay attention to the mistakes you make and learn from them. In time, even newcomers can have a real shot at getting a high score.