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Rating: 4.06/5 stars (374 ratings)

BMX Boy Instructions

Move forward (depending on the direction your bike is facing) using the right or left arrow key. Jump using 'space'. Perform tricks using number keys 1-9. Change the direction of your bike by pressing the up arrow key after you jump.

BMX Boy Walkthrough

BMX Boy is a challenging but entertaining BMX game that will keep you playing game after game. While it follows the same basic premise as most of the other BMX games online, this one if different because it really ups the challenge level. Instead of just challenging you to complete tricks successfully to earn points, in this game, failing to complete a challenge will cost you points. In fact, if you crash at all, you'll lose points. This is really the element of the game that sets it apart from most of the other games in the genre. It will push you to do better - to ride carefully while also trying to attempt tricks. It isn't an easy game, especially for newcomers to the genre, but it is a lot of fun.

In BMX Boy, your goal is pretty simple - rack up as many points as you can by performing tricks and getting good height on jumps while you also avoid crashing. It isn't hard to wind up with a negative score in this game if you aren't careful. You need to pay attention to the obstacles you're riding over. Each different type of obstacle will require a different approach. You need to hit some of the obstacles with a little speed while others require a more cautious approach. Learning the difference is important if you hope to do well in the game. You have three minutes in total to do as much as you can do, but sacrificing a little bit of that time to slow down over the obstacles that require a more careful approach is well worth it if it means avoiding a crash.

Newcomers to BMX games are going to have a hard time with BMX Boy from the very beginning. Balance is important in this game - not only for completing tricks but also for making it over obstacles. If you lose balance, it's almost guaranteed that you're going to crash. If you've just gone over a jump, pay attention to where you're going to land and try to balance your bike while you're still in the air by using your arrow keys. This is also important for successfully landing tricks. If your attempting a trick, make sure you not only have enough room to perform the trick but also enough room to balance your bike to prepare for landing. If you crash after a trick, you not only won't get any points for the trick but you'll also be docked points from your overall score. Make sure you have enough room to successfully complete a trick before you even attempt it. That said, if you have enough room, don't be afraid to try multiple tricks during one jump. It's a little more difficult, but the points will be worth it.

Overall, BMX Boy will challenge you to put your skills to the test. More experienced bike game players are going to love how difficult this game is and will have a blast trying for a high score. Although newcomers to BMX games are going to have a hard time with this one it's still worth trying out. If you're new to BMX games and can't quite get the hang of the controls, try running through the game a few times without doing any tricks. You'll get used to navigating over obstacles which is a great way to build up your confidence and will help you improve your performance in the game. Once you have the basics down, start adding in a few basic tricks. From there you can continue building your skills from there. In time, you'll be playing with the best of them. Regardless of your skill or experience level with bike games, this is one you should definitely try out.