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Bike Rush Instructions

Use the arrow keys to control your bike - the up arrow lets you accelerate, the down arrow lets you brake and go backwards, and the left and right arrows will let you lean in either direction. Make sure you don't land on your head, flip upside down, or get stuck in a hole while riding.

Bike Rush Walkthrough

Bike Rush is a very simple bike game where you have to get from point A to point B with as little damage as possible. Or, in this case, no damage - even the slightest fall will prompt the game to restart the level, so you'll have to be careful while playing Bike Rush.

And even though Bike Rush may be a simple game, that doesn't mean that it's not difficult. With only a time limit to gauge your score, you'll have to go along as far as you can with your bike. There not only numerous jumps to look out for, but gaps and holes that will trap, misdirect, and destroy your bike.

To avoid these, and land jumps as best you can, what you can do is lean your bike while in mid-air. Like most other bike games, leaning is the only thing you can do if you want to survive - especially in Bike Rush. Use the left arrow key to lean backwards and the right arrow key to lean forwards. If you use these keys adequately, you'll be able to land almost any jump the game throws at you.

Overall, Bike Rush is a simple but very difficult game. The jumps and gaps will always keep you guessing, and the in game minimap will only make you apprehensive about upcoming jumps. Unlike most other bike games, you won't be keeping a score or completing levels - you'll just be seeing how far you can get. If you like a difficult, unrewarding challenge, then Bike Rush is the game for you.