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Bike Mania Instructions

The control scheme of Bike Mania is as standard as it could get. If you have played BMX games before, you shouldn't have any trouble with Bike Mania. If your keyboard's arrow keys are working, then go ahead... step up and play: (1) To drive forward, just press the up arrow key. Hold it down to accelerate and you will reach the top speed your bike is capable of. (2) If you need to back up a bit, perhaps to gain some momentum, just press the down arrow key. (3) Leaning to the left or right is done by pressing the left or right arrow keys. If you need to pause the game for some reason, no problem... just press the P button to pause it. Once you are done with whatever it is you have to attend to, just press the P button again to resume the action. I think that's about it for the controls. Let's have a closer look at the game:

Bike Mania Walkthrough

To make a game unique, to make a game HOT, a lot of game developers toss in bells and whistles to make their game stand out from the rest of the pack. Sometimes, the results are great. Sometimes, you would end up with some of the worst games you have laid your hands on. Well, looking at our BMX game here, Bike Mania is NOT unique. To be honest, it treads through the same beaten-down path that other motorcycle and bike games have gone through. There's nothing revolutionary or jaw dropping about it.

The goal is as standard as it could get: you are at the starting line. There's a finish line on the other side. Get there in one piece... safe and sound and you will move on to the next level. There are obstacles that you have to pass through, however, so you can't be willy-nilly.

Same old goal and game play that most motorcycles have? Yes. Not fun to play? HELL NO, far from it. While it doesn't offer anything new, there's one thing this game does well: to do what other motorcycle and BMX games did... and do it BETTER! The obstacles and challenges you will encounter en route to the finish line will surely keep you on the edge of your seats. It does a good job testing your micro skills and your fingers' speed and reflexes. Are you fast enough to keep your motorcycle balanced (with the left and right button) while passing through those humps and other road hazards?

YES, when it comes to the 'challenge department', Bike Mania is a force to be reckoned with.

While many of you will look at the game's simplicity as boring, I want to view it as a sign of being straightforward. There's no beating around the bush - press that start button, get your motorcycle on the track, and start the challenge!

"So you want a motorcycle or BMX game that will challenge your online driving skills? OK, we will skip the glittery graphics. No, we won't change the game play, too. BUT we will give you EXACTLY what you want out of the game!"

Perhaps that was what the creators were thinking. Since graphics and design is NOT much of an issue for me, I don't find many things to complain about in this game. Some of you may find the difficulty levels (which don't ramp up evenly) to be quite annoying. Well, I actually like it. It's always a PLUS when the game has something in store... something that could pose MORE challenges.

HOWEVER, if you think being thrown a difficult puzzle right at the second stage of the game isn't a good idea, then you may want to skip this game. Heck! I found myself restarting the 2nd level again and again, and it took me no less than 8 trials to finally get the job done. The bunch of barrels that come after the pile of rocks really made me sweat.

Now, many of the levels are NOT that long. Nah, you won't get that dragging feeling form this game. Each of these levels, HOWEVER, is jam packed with obstacles, road hazards, and other challenges. This sort of gives each level a longer 'feel'.

All in all, Bike Mania, while NOT unique in terms of game play and graphics, is a MORE-than-OK motorcycle and bike game. It's simple BUT poses enough challenge to keep you busy. The graphics and designs are NOT spectacular, BUT who cares?

Are you good enough to get to the finish line safe, sound, and without a scratch? Why not play Bike Mania to find out!