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Bike Champ 2 Instructions

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Reverse using the down arrow key. Lean back on the bike using the left arrow key. Lean forward on the bike using the right arrow key. Use 'nitro' using 'a'. Brake using 's'. Jump/hop using 'd'. Perform rear wheelie by pressing the left arrow key and the up arrow key. Perform a front wheelie by pressing the up arrow key, 's' and the right arrow key. Get more air off a ramp by pressing the up arrow key, the left arrow key and 'd'. Get more air off a jump while performing a 360 by pressing the up arrow key, the left arrow key, 'd' and the left arrow key again. Restart from the last checkpoint using 'r'.

Bike Champ 2 Walkthrough

Bike Champ 2 is the follow up game to the wildly popular Bike Champ BMX game. While the game is almost identical in many ways, from the graphics to the levels and obstacles you'll face, it is different in many keys ways. If you loved the first game, you're definitely going to appreciate the extra things that have been added to the sequel. While it often feels like you're playing the same game a second time, the fact there are three different bikes to choose from, ranks at the completion of each level based on your time and the ability to earn bonuses makes this game quite a bit more exciting than the original, and if you've played the original, you know that's really saying something.

The basic premise of Bike Champ 2 is exactly the same as the premise behind Bike Champ. You have a starting point on the left side of the screen and a the finish line on the right side of the screen and a wealth of obstacles that vary in size and difficulty between those two points. Your goal is to get over all of those obstacles without crashing in order to reach the finish line, beat the level and move on the the next one. This one is really no harder than the first game as far as the obstacles go. Instead, this game is harder because of the challenges you can try to meet in order to get a high score. You're still able to do wheelies and try to get more air off of jumps to boost your score and there is still a 'no crash' bonus, but in this one, your performance will also be ranked at the end of the level. There are three ranks you may earn; amateur, novice and pro. The faster you complete the level, the better chance you have at being ranked a pro. This adds a new and challenging angle to the game that was missing from the first and is definitely one of the aspects of this game more experienced players will appreciate the most.

In addition to the new 'rank' feature, Bike Champ 2 also offers you the choice of three different bikes to use to complete the level. Like your rank at the end of each level, the bikes are also ranked as either amateur, novice or pro. The ranks are pretty self explanatory. Someone who has little to no experience with BMX games and doesn't really know much about keeping their bike under control should consider using the amateur bike. It's a bit easier to keep under control and will make the game a bit easier. For someone with moderate experience, the novice bike is a good idea. Experienced players who are looking for a challenge will want to use the pro bike. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to stick with the same bike throughout the game. If you start out with the amateur bike but are finding it a bit to easy, try the novice. Alternatively, if you start out with pro and find it too difficult, try the novice. You're also able to earn a bonus by getting a pro ranking with all three bikes in a level.

Newcomers to BMX games will probably want to stick to just getting through Bike Champ 2 at least once before trying to get the pro rankings. This can be a pretty challenging game, especially for something without much experience in the genre. Start out with the amateur bike because it will be easier to handle and work up from there. Once you're feeling more confident you can try to improve your speed and work on wheelies. More experienced players, on the other hand, might find the first few levels a bit too simple. If that's the case, strive to get a pro score with all three bikes and without crashing. You'll end the game with an amazing score, even if you find yourself struggling later in the game. Overall, this is an excellent BMX game that everyone can appreciate filled with enough extras and enough challenges to keep you playing game after game.