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Bike Adventures Instructions

Control your vehicle with the arrow keys - use the left and right arrow keys to control your balance; the up and down arrow keys will move you forward and backwards. Hit enter to change the direction of your bike.

Bike Adventures Walkthrough

Bike Adventures is more a survival game than anything else - while you'll be racing your way through a bunch of different levels, collecting bonus coins for extra points, the obstacles and obstructions you'll be racing over are nothing less than ridiculous. Construction equipment, small buildings, steep hills, and breakable boxes are just a few of the things you'll be seeing in level 1.

But, if you want to survive in Bike Adventures, all you have to do is control your balance effectively. And that may sound easy, but it's not. Most objects and obstacles you'll be racing over will make you tip over quickly, so counterbalance everything you're racing over. This will let you progress through the level, but be careful not to overcompensate - or you'll be falling forwards. The exact moment you fall forwards or backwards, you'll have to restart the level you're currently on, but you'll be able to keep the bonus coins you've collected.

Bonus coins are important if you want a high score in Bike Adventures - some are only worth 100 points, while others are worth 250 points. Some bonus coins will be easy to grab since they follow the natural path of the level, but you'll have to turn around (use the enter key to do so) to get some cleverly-placed bonus coins, like in level 2.

Overall, Bike Adventures is challenging like most bike games, besides the fact that it's so easy to die in every level. Get as far as you can by effectively balancing your bike with the arrow keys, and as long as you get far enough in a certain level, your progress will be saved by save points - so don't stress out too much.