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ATV Offroad Thunder Instructions

ATV Offroad Thunder is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys are used to accelerate and to brake/reverse respectively. The left and right arrow keys are used to lean your ATV backwards and forwards. The spacebar is used to jump and the Z key is used to activate your nitro boost. The 1 to 7 number keys are used to perform stunts.

ATV Offroad Thunder Walkthrough

ATV Offroad Thunder is an high-paced ATV game. This ATV game features great graphics, a variety of stunts and tricks, and nine levels of action-packed gameplay.

The objective of ATV Offroad Thunder is to complete each track from start to finish within the allotted time. You must also reach the score criterion of each level in order to progress. It's OK to crash in this ATV game, but doing so will waste precious time, invoke a score penalty, and set you behind on the track. If you fail to complete the track in time or meet the score criterion, you will have to replay the track. You are given an unlimited number of replay attempts in this ATV game.

In order to score points in ATV Offroad Thunder, you may perform stunts, do tricks, or collect gold. Performing stunts while in the air (by using the number keys) will reward you with a healthy sum of points. You may also get air and perform wheelies and flips to score points, but be sure that you don't crash, or you will lose points instead of gaining them! The simplest way to score in ATV Offroad Thunder is to collect the gold bars with dollar signs on them, so make sure to pick up as many of these as possible. You may also collect the letters "A" "I" and "R" on each level. Doing so will give you a big increase in your score, and if you manage to collect all three you will receive a huge bonus at the end of the level!

After completing a certain number of levels in this ATV game, you will unlock new ATVs and stunts. Some of these new stuns will make it easier to score the points necessary to complete later levels. Different ATVs do not have different statistics, so it really doesn't matter which color ATV you decide to ride, but if you have an aesthetic preference, you can select a new ATV after unlocking them.

ATV Offroad Thunder is an exhilarating vehicle game. It is easy to beat all nine levels in one sitting, but if you need to take a break, feel free to take advantage of the automatic saving feature and continue your game at a later time. If you enjoy off-road action, then ATV Offroad Thunder is just the motorsport game for you!