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ATV Offroad Lightning Instructions

ATV Offroad Lightning is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the up and down arrow keys to drive forward and backward. The left and right arrow keys are used to rotate your vehicle. Press the spacebar to activate your nitro boost, and the number keys (1-3) to perform stunts.

ATV Offroad Lightning Walkthrough

Do you have a daredevil in you, but you are afraid of breaking every bone in your body? If you answered yes, then you are in luck. ATV Offroad Lightning is an ATV game that lets you play daredevil without the risk of injury (besides carpal tunnel, but you can prevent that with good posture). This stunt game features three vehicles to drive, ten levels, and fifteen achievements.

Each level of ATV Offroad Lightning has three goals. Goals can include collecting items, performing tricks, finishing the level withing a given time limit, and more. Only the top goal is necessary to complete the level and unlock the next, but trying to complete all of the goals makes this stunt game more challenging, and is required for one of the achievements. You can replay levels that you have beaten if you need to go back and complete tasks. Your progress is also automatically saved at the end of each level, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

ATV Offroad Lightning uses an easy-to-learn keyboard control scheme. The up and down arrow keys move your ATV forward and backward. The left and right arrow keys rotate your vehicle, which is useful for maintaining your balance and performing flips and wheelies. If you need a boost of speed, press the spacebar to activate your nitro. Finally, the 1, 2, and 3 number keys are used in midair to perform tricks and score extra points. It is inadvisable to try to perform too many tricks or flips if you are new to this ATV game; it is easy to lose control and crash!

There are three drivers and three vehicles in ATV Offroad Lightning. Only the first vehicle and driver will be available at first, but the other two ATVs can be unlocked by completing levels, and the other two drivers can be unlocked by scoring bonus points. I advise you to use the latest vehicle that you unlocked, since vehicles get better as you progress. Drivers have no effect on gameplay other than the tricks that you perform by pressing the number keys. If you would rather use a different set of tricks, then you can choose a different driver, but overall, the vehicle is more important than the driver in this ATV game.

ATV Offroad Lightning is a stunt game that lets you unleash your inner daredevil. Casual gamers may find this ATV game to be too challenging at first, but it can be mastered with enough practice. Diehard fans of bike games and ATV games will have no trouble and will appreciate the challenge!