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3d Motorcycle Racing Deluxe Instructions

Use the arrow keys to control your bike - up to accelerate, down to brake; the left and right arrow keys steer your bike by making your rider lean in either direction. Complete three laps and win your race to move on to the next track.

3d Motorcycle Racing Deluxe Walkthrough

3d Motorcycle isn't your usual flash bike game - and you can tell just by looking at the name. Instead of racing in a 2d environment, you'll be racing in a 3d one, and that makes this game unique to most other flash games you've probably played.

To start, you'll have to select a bike, a color to go with it, and a track to race on. The bikes you have to choose from each have their strengths and weaknesses, but select one based on the way you ride, and pick a color. You'll have five different tracks to choose from in 3d Motorcycle, but they're not all available right from the start of the game. You'll have to win a race in each track to unlock the next track, and depending on your skill level and patience, this can either be very easy or very difficult.

Each race will start with you at the finish line, and it's your job to finish the 3rd lap ahead of everyone else. To get ahead of the competition, try as best you can in riding the edge of curves, staying at top speed as much as possible, and avoiding the outside of the track whenever possible. If keep these things in mind, you'll have all five tracks unlocked in no time at all, and you'll be a pro racer when it comes to bike games like 3d Motorcycle.

One of the worst things you can do in 3d Motorcycle is drive off the edge of the track - you'll only be able to go around 20 MPH, and no matter how much of a short cut it might be, it's better to stay on the track, at top-speed, at all times.